The stable isotope lab at Johns Hopkins University is centered around a Thermo MAT 253 isotope ratio mass spectrometer configured for CO2 (m/z 44-49), O2 (m/z 32-36), and other gases (N2, CO).  The lab presently specializes in four unique measurements: clumped isotopes in carbonate, triple oxygen isotopes in waters, triple oxygen isotopes in CO2 / carbonates, and d13C + d18O microanalysis of bioapatites by IR laser ablation. The lab is also capable of 'routine' C and O isotope analyses of small samples of carbonate (50 ug) and bioapatite (500 ug).  The lab has furnaces, ovens, centrifuges, microscopes, high P-T reaction vessels, and other supporting equipment for sample preparation and experimental geochemistry.  

MAT 253 mass spectrometer
Autoline (carbonate clumped-isotopes)
Water Fluorination Line (17O-excess)
IR laser ablation (d13C, d18O microanalysis)
Glass Extraction Line (multipurpose)
Naomi Levin (nlevin3@jhu.edu)
Ben Passey (bhpassey@jhu.edu)

Naomi Levin (Principal Investigator)
Ben Passey (Principal Investigator)
Greg Henkes (5th year PhD student)
Shuning Li (5th year PhD student)
Huanting Hu (3rd year PhD student)
Haoyuan Ji (3rd year PhD student)
Sophie Lehmann (3rd year PhD student)

Marina Suarez (postdoc 2009-2011, now Asst. Prof. at University of Texas San Antonio).
Rebecca Kraft (PhD 2012, now a postdoc at NIST).
Zelalem Bedaso (postdoc 2011-2013, now lecturer at University of Dayton).


JHU Lab Results:
Recent Publications
Price and Passey (2013) Geology
VanDeVelde et al. (2013) GCA
Henkes et al. (2013) GCA
Passey and Henkes (2012) EPSL

Henry et al. (2012) Nature
Haile-Selassie et al. (2012) Nature

Recent abstracts
(full listing and PDFs)
Levin et al. (2013) Goldschmidt
Passey et al. (2013) Goldschmidt
Henkes et al. (2013) Soc. Amer. Archeology
Lehmann et al. (2012) AGU

NSF BCS Archeology (2012-2015)
NSF EAR Geobio. / Low-T Geochem. (2012-2014)
ACS Petroleum Research Fund (2012-2014)
NSF BCS Physical Anthropology (2011-2014)
National Geographic Society (2011-2012)
ACS Petroleum Research Fund (2010-2012)
NSF BCS Archeology (2010-2012)